Kalabér Guesthouse

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Kalabér Guesthouse adatai:
Kalabér Guesthouse
Bistra Muresului
Priporului út.10.
0040 740-023-775, 0040 766-797-317
all year
holiday chalet, guest house
price / main:
9 - 10 EUR


 It doesn't matter whether you watch the morning steam with your bare eyes or through the lenses of a camera, the light of the sunshine, the shadows of the night, the richness of summer crops or the gray and white life of the winter days, the scenery of the Bistra valley calls you to relax and gives all of us a fantastic picture. 

This beautiful place is situated in Mures county, 30 km away from the town of Reghin ( 60 km from Tg - Mures) in Bistra Muresului, at the foot of the Calimani Mountains where the Bistra stream is flowing.
Here lies our cottage which is open to everyone. The Bistra valley and its surroundings is a perfect traveling object for those who like nature, trips, fishing and hunting, and for those also, who would like to learn more about the culture and famous places of Transylvania.
    You can spend your holiday here in every season of the year, but you can also stay here for one or two days.
    The key house gives you the opportunity not to be disturbed by the owner or by other tourist groups.

Possibilities of local activities:

  • hiking, trip
  • grilled bacon, grilled beef or pork on the barbeque
  • fried trout
  • badminton net in the yard
  • skiing, sleighing on the hills nearby
  • skiing on a slope �Toplita 39 km
  • fishing in the stream
  • fishing in the Mures river 5 km
  • walking
  • gathering mushrooms
  • gathering raspberries, blackberries, cranberries ( from July till the end of August )
  • sheep - sheep farm visiting on a hay - field in summer

    Special activities:
  • deer belling (from September till the end of October )
  • bear watching ( from April till the end of May )                                                                                                                                                                                                                  These programmes need special organization, so please let us know at least a month before you' d like to come. At least 5 people are needed. Price on agreement.

Trip possibilities:



                - God’s chair – Scaunul Domnului - 1381 m - (~8 km and ~3 hours of hiking)

                - Waterfall – Cascada Cofu - 1170 m (~12 km on the way up in the valley near the stream , by car also)

                - Steja glade – Poiana Stejii - 1470 m

   Car + Hiking:

                - Fairy Lake – Taul Zănelor (Rastolita) - 1230 m

                - Tihu, Ruscii peak – Vf. Tihu, Ruscii (Lunca Bradului) - 1799, 1913 m

                - Pietros peak – Vf. Pietros (Lunca Bradului) - 2100 m


Kalabér Guesthouse parameters

Room, suite equippment: kitchen, stove, microwave oven, refrigerator, toilette / WC, shower / bath tub

Local services and opportunities: toilette / WC, shower / bath-tub, self-supplying, kitchen, stove, microwave oven, refrigerator, dinning room, closed car park, TV, garden, yard stove, camping, living, grilling, garden furnitures, garden terrace

Region services and opportunities: grocery, restaurant, cake shop, fast food restaurant, coffee-house, car park, bus park, tennis, skiing, horse riding, hunting, fishing, sport equipments-to-rent, touring, forest/park, beach, spa, shore, solarium, museum, court, monument, cinema, post office, money exchange, gas station, haircut, beauty service, sanitary service