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Téka Foundation adatai:
Téka Foundation
405300   Gherla
Mihai Viteazul 39.
0040 264-243-198, 0040 724-521-166
0040 264-243-198
all year
youth hostel (for groups), youth hostel, other
18 room (100 bed)
informative prices:
9 EUR / person without board
12 EUR / person with breakfast
16 EUR / person with half board
21 EUR / person with full board


Gherla (Hungarian: Szamosújvár, Armenian:  Hayakaghak, German: Neuschloss or Armenierstadt) is a city in Cluj County, Romania (in the historical region of Transylvania). It is located 45 km from Cluj-Napoca on the upper Someş, an eastern tributary of the Tisza, and has a population of 24,083.

The locality was first recorded in 1291, as a village named Gherlahida. The modern city was built in the early 18th century by Armenians, successors of the Cilician Armenian diaspora who had originally settled in Crimea and Moldavia and moved to Transylvania sometime after 1650.

Our offer for the tourist groups:

-         the town is the only baroque –structured establishment in Central-Europe, Armenian-catholic baroque churches, Rubens –painting

-         trip to Cluj-Napoca ( Kolozsvar), to the spiritual capital of Transylvanian

-         trip in the region Mezőség ( Transylvanian Plain), opportunity to meet alive local archaic tradition, the ethnographic values of the Hungarians and Romanians


Facilities in the Teka Hostel:

-         accommodation in rooms with separate bathroom

-         meals with the special dishes of the local Hungarian, Armenian and Romanian communities

-         regional folk song, folk music and dance presentation


Téka Foundation parameters

Spoken languages: Hungarian, UK, German, Romanian

Room, suite equippment: toilette / WC, shower / bath tub, internet, Conference room

Local services and opportunities: toilette / WC, shower / bath-tub, breakfast, half board, full supply, kitchen, microwave oven, refrigerator, washing-machine, dinning room, car park, closed car park, TV, telephone, living, programm organisation, table tennis, table tennis, playground, private room, basketball field, soccer field, playground

Region services and opportunities: grocery, restaurant, cake shop, fast food restaurant, coffee-house, car park, bus park, tennis, fishing, touring, forest/park, beach, spa, swimming-pool, shore, solarium, museum, court, monument, cinema, services for children, post office, money exchange, gas station, car rent, pottery, haircut, beauty service, disco, market, pharmacy, sanitary service