Mălâncrav (,) is a village next to Sighişoara. A dirt road of 10 km leads to the village. It was originally populated by Transylvanian Saxons.

Here you find the most significant gothic murals in Transylvania next to Ghelinţa/Gelence in Háromszék.

The Saxon romanesque Lutheran Church, quite insignificant from outside to the ones in Prejmer|Prejmer]] and Hărman, has early 14th century gothic murals in the apsis with full beauty and more depretiated ones little later ones in the main ship.

Further the Apafi clan (Hungarian nobles in Transylvania) used the church as final destination since they had the overlordship on the village. The location was not part of the Saxon Autonomious territory, although was originally until 1970's populated by Germans. The sarcophags of the Apafis were removed. Further there is a 15 century late gothic altar in the church.

In case you want to visit key is in house 140. The lady speaks German. There are several Germans settled back to the village, the priest from Berlin.

<gallery>image:almakerek11.jpg|ExteriorImage:almakerek1.jpg|Altar 15 centuryImage:almakerek2.jpg|The apsisImage:almakerek3.jpg|Marc EvangelistImage:almakerek4.jpg|MuralsImage:almakerek5.jpg|MuralsImage:almakerek6.jpg|MuralsImage:almakerek7.jpg|MuralsImage:almakerek8.jpg|MuralsImage:almakerek9.jpg|Murals</gallery>