Miercurea Sibiului (German: Reußmarkt, Hungarian: Szerdahely) is a town in the west of Sibiu County, in southern Transylvania, central Romania, 34 km to the west of the county capital Sibiu.


Miercurea Sibiului was declared a city in 2004 and it is one of the smallest and least urbanised cities in the country.

It has under its administration three localities:

  • The main city of Miercurea Sibiului.
  • The village of Apoldu de Jos, 5 km away.
  • The village of Dobârca, 8 km away.
Also, 5 km away there is a small Spa town.


The city lies on the contact area between the Transylvanian Plateau and the Cindrel Mountains, a massif in the Parâng Mountains group in the Southern Carpathians, on a small depression formed by the Secaş River.

The town is situated on a main Romanian roadlink: the DN1 road between Sibiu and Sebeş, E68/E81 European routes.


Since the 12 or 13th century it was inhabited by Transylvanian Saxons and from 1355 it became one of the original seven seats of Saxondom from the Sibiu area.

It was the place of birth of Ilie Măcelaru (1822-1891) a lawyer, who participated in the 1848 revolution and was a founding member of the National Romanian Party which was formed in Miercurea Sibiului 17 March 1869.


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