Petroşani (German: Petroschen, Hungarian: Petrozsény) is a city in Hunedoara County, Romania, with a population of 45,447 (2002).

The city of Petroşani was founded in the 19th century as a coal mining colony and the population grew rapidly during the communist period of Romanian histrory as many workers moved from Moldavia.<br>Petroşani is located in the Jiu Valley, which is the entrance to Retezat National Park and provides access to the Vâlcan, Parâng and Retezat mountains.<br>Sfinţii Arhangeli ("Holy Archangels") church, located in Petroşani, was built in the 18th century.

Social events

The following social events take place in Petroşani:<br>- the annual international folklore festival<br>- the Cântecul Adâncului ("Song of the Deep") folk music festival<br>- artistic summer camps organized by Petroşani University<br>- art, numismatic and caricatures exhibitions<br>


  • 80% Romanians
  • 16% Hungarians
  • 4% others, including Germans
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