WIKI REFRESH Zlatna (German: Schlatten, Hungarian: Zalatna, Latin: Ampellum) is a town in Alba County, central Transylvania, Romania. It has a population of 8,607 inhabitants.


The town of Zlatna is made up of the town proper and of 19 urban localities - Boteşti, Budeni, Bulbuc, Dealu Roatei, Feneş, Fântânele, Trâmpoiele, Izvoru Ampoiului, Galaţi, Presaca Ampoiului, Pătrângeni, Podu lui Paul, Părău Gruiului, Pirita, Runc, Ruşi, Suseni, Valea Mică and Vâltori.


Situated in the Zlatna depression, the town lies at the confluence of the Ampoi River with the Valtori creek, 36 km north-west of Alba Iulia.


Important gold exploitation center during Roman times, recognized as a municipium under the name Ampellum, Zlatna is first mentioned under its present-day name in a document dating from 1347. In 1387 it was awarded town status. During 1619-1620 Gabriel Bethlen, colonised on its teritory a few hundred German and Slovakian miners. After a period of decay, when the town was degraded to village, it regained town status in 1968.

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