Avrig (German: Freck, Hungarian: Felek) is a town in the Sibiu County, Romania. It has a population of 16,215 and the first documents attesting the village exists since 1346.

It lies on the left bank of the river Olt, close to the Făgăraş Mountains, at about 35km from Sibiu on the road towards Braşov. It is the main starting point for the trekking routes in the western part of the mountains, and also on access point at a great number of challeys in the mountains: Cabana Poiana Neamtului, Cabana Bârcaciu, Cabana Ghiocelul.

The most important objective in the town is the Brukenthal Summer Palace built in 1771, a baroque summer residence of baron Samuel von Brukenthal, the governor of Transylvania [1]. Also two old churches can be found there: the evangelical church, built in the 13th century and fortified in the 16th century and the orthodox church, built in the 18th century.

Gheorghe Lazăr, the founder of the first Romanian language school was born and died in Avrig.

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