Siculeni (Hungarian: Madéfalva) is a commune in Harghita County, Romania.

  • As of 2004 the village of Ciceu (Csíkcsicsó) forms an independent commune with the village of Ciaracio (Csaracsó).
  • The village of Racu (Csíkrákos) along with the village of Satu Nou (Göröcsfalva) also forms its own commune.


The commune has an absolute Székely (Hungarian) majority. According to the 2002 census it has a population of 6,906 of which 96.79% or 6,684 are Hungarian.Since 2004 the village itself is an independent commune with a population of 2,764.


The Massacre at Madéfalva of January 7th 1764 took place here. 200 Székely were executed by Maria Theresa of Austria's Habsburg army as the local Székely Hungarians refused to join the Austro-Hungarian armed forces. Following this the Székely people began to flee the region crossing the Carpathian Mountains into Bukovina and Moldova to the east. The massacre's Latin name is Siculicidium (SICVLICIDIVM), which interestingly enough spells out the year 1764 in Roman Numerals if one removes the S at the beginning.A monument to the massacre was erected on October 8th 1905.

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