Cavnic (Hungarian: Kapnikbánya, German: Kapnik) is a mining town in the North of Romania, in the Maramureş county. Its population was 5,200 in 2002.

Cavnic, well known name in the Maramureş and entire romanian mining industry is a town of miners situated on the same name valley. Mining and metals profession shows everywhere the art inherited from the ancestors. Situated in the center of the Maramureş County, on a narrow valley at the foot of Gutai (Gutin) Mountains - 1445 m and Mogosa (1249 m), Cavnic covers 47.17 km². It lays for 10 kilometers from 500 to 1050 meters above sea altitude on the east to west valley, being the last ramification of Baia Mare depression. The original geographical and physical profile offers a diversified panorama by the great level differences, the town could be well rewarded with the title of mountain resort. First time certified in the 14th Century, the inhabitants participated at all local social and political events. In 1946, there was a poor mining village spread on hills and valleys. it was well known for its mines opened, closed and again reopened in short time. Later, in the 70s, the town knew an accelerated process of development many domains.

Now, there were built two slopes at "Icoana", and some motels, pensions and a hotel to better explore its touristic mountainous potential.


In the 1910 Census of the Kingdom of Hungary, Kapnikbánya (as it was then called) was in Szatmár county, Nagybánya district. The city then had a population of 3517 people, 1864 of them Hungarians, 49 of them Germans, and 1604 of them Romanians. The religions followed by the population: 1497 of Kapnikbánya's population were Roman Catholic, 1890 of them were Greek Catholic, and 89 of them were Jewish.

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