Anna Vendégház

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Anna Vendégház adatai:
Anna Vendégház
Fő út 26.
0040 745-634-399, 0040 264-374-046
all year
holiday chalet, rural accommodation 2, hostel, rural vacationer, rural accommodation, private accommodation, guest house, tenting place
5 room (20 bed)
1 apartment (8 bed)
informative prices:
2500-3000 HUF / person without board
3500-4000 HUF / person with breakfast
5500-6000 HUF / person with half board
7500-8000 HUF / person with full board

Anna Vendégház parameters

Local services and opportunities: toilette / WC, shower / bath-tub, self-supplying, breakfast, half board, full supply, kitchen, stove, microwave oven, refrigerator, dinning room, closed car park, bus park, garden, yard stove, camping, dog/cat can be taken, living

Region services and opportunities: grocery, restaurant, cake shop, fast food restaurant, coffee-house, car park, bus park, tennis, skiing, horse riding, hunting, fishing, boating, touring, forest/park, beach, spa, shore, solarium, museum, court, castle, monument, theater, cinema, zoo, post office, money exchange, gas station, haircut, beauty service, sanitary service