Făget (pronounced in Romanian: /fə'ʤet/; Hungarian: Facsád) is a town in Timiş County, Banat, western Romania, with a population of about 7,500. Its name literally means "beech trees" in Romanian.

The town is situated in the center of a distinct ethnofolcloric area, at the north-west side of the Poiana Ruscă mountains, on the DN68 national road—this road stretches from Ilia to Lugoj—and on the CFR212 railroad line.

At the north side of Făget you can notice the Bega river, around which there are still signs of a medieval fortification dating 1548 (not fully studied yet). This town also has busts of Eftimie Murgu, Victor Feneşiu and the well-known flight-pioneer Traian Vuia.


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