WIKI REFRESH Gheorgheni (Hungarian: Gyergyószentmiklós) is a city in Harghita County, in Romania.

It was first mentioned in 1332 and was part of Kingdom of Hungary, then to the Principate of Transylvania (1557-1765), to the Grand Duchy of Transylvania (1765-1867), later again to Hungary (1867-1918) and finally to Romania (since 1918).

Nearby are two spectacular natural sites, the Lacu Roşu a beautiful lake in the mountains, and nearby is the Cheile Bicazului, which is a dramatic narrow canyon through the Eastern Carpathian Mountains forming the border with Neamţ County.



It has a population of 20,018, of which 87.6% (17,527) are Szekelys (2002 census).


  • 1910: 8,905
  • 2002: 20,018

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