<!-- Unsourced image removed: -->Sânpetru (German: Petersberg, Hungarian: Barcaszentpéter) is a village in Braşov County, Romania, located only 5 km north of the county capital Braşov.

Many Transylvanian Saxons lived there. After 1989 an important part of this community emigrated in Germany.

The landmark of the village is the 13th century fortified church. The original 3-nave basilica was demolished in 1794. There are still a few traces of the original 13th century paintings on the defensive walls that surrounded the church. The Order of Cistercians (White Monks) received it in 1240.The fortified church was severely destroyed during a Turkish invasion in 1432. Most of the village was also destroyed then. After the invasion in order to protect both the church and the inhabitants of Sanpetru, the local community built an 8-meter high defensive wall fortified with 5 towers and a water trench.Following a devastating fire the church suffers more damages in the 17th century. The local archives were destroyed in the fire.The bell tower collapses in 1713 and it is rebuilt in 1778-1782, but the new tower would collapse too. The local community decides to tear down the old church. In 1795 construction works on the new building will be started.