Vlăhiţa (Hungarian: Szentegyháza) is a town in Harghita County, Romania. Vlăhiţa has a total population of 7,042 of which 6,960 (98,3%) are Székely Hungarians, making it the town with the highest proportion of Hungarians in Romania (2002 census)

Its Romanian name, Vlăhiţa, is of Slavic origin, meaning "little Vlach", while its Hungarian name means the "house of a saint".


The town is situated between Odorheiu Secuiesc and Miercurea-Ciuc. With 860 m altitude it is the highest town in Harghita county.


The town is famous for its Children's Orchestra (Gyermekfilharmónia), in which more than 140 youngsters sing and play instruments.

Twin town

  • Szarvas, Hungary(1994)

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