Vurpar is a village of 2500 people (2006) in central Romania.


It is near the Transylvanian city of Sibiu.

Type of Community

Vurpar is a farming community with an elementary school, a kindergarten and two churches, one Romanian Orthodox and the other Saxon (German) Evangelical.


While they may occasionally need to buy supplies in Sibiu, villagers are nearly self-sufficient raising their own meat, making their own wine, baking their own bread and reserving other food from harvest to harvest.

Additional features

The village also has a number of small general stores, a city hall, a soccer field, numerous small restaurants and taverns, playgrounds and miles of surrounding open farmland.


It is a peaceful, quite community at the end of a country road ten miles off the main road from Sibu to Agnita. The old rail lines from Sibiu, abandoned decades ago, still show. There is daily bus service from Sibiu.


Today, most of the people in the village work gardens and keep live stock.

Previous employment

The village was once the site of a collectivized processing plant for fruits and vegetables.


The current population is largely Romanians with a large plurality of Gypsy and a small minority of Germans.

Organisational Structure

The village has a mayor and a council.

Subsiduary organisations

There are also a number of non-governmental social service organizations working in the village.


Vurpar was founded sometime in the 1200s.

Alternative name

The name Vurprich was also used.

Other alternatives

It has also been known as Burgberg by the long dominant German population.


After World War II many of the German families returned to West Germany.

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